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TEI – a Memoir of the End of War and Beginning of Peace   –   流れる星は生きている

Tei’s story is impossible to forget. A bone-achingly sharp and beautiful reminder of my privilege.”     – Ansley Clark

TEI – A Memoir of the End of War and Beginning of Peace

is the English translation of the Japanese best-seller, 流れる星は生きている (Nagareru Hoshiwa Ikiteiru) written by Tei Fujiwara and originally published in 1949.  Tei’s memoir of her life as a refugee in war-torn China, Korea, and Japan has been read by millions in Asia. This English translation gives Western readers the opportunity to hear the story of an extraordinary young mother who struggles to survive and go home with her three young children.

Translation and introduction by Nanako V. Mizushima.

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ISBN 978 0 9754848 5 2

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ISBN 978 0 9754848 5 2